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Explosionproof Containers

Zero Shock®

This DREHTAINER development constitutes a worldwide unique protective system against vertical and/or horizontal blast impacts.

What is so special? For the first time, the module floor with its mounted installation kits does not dampen a shock wave but is physically decoupled from its impact. This makes it possible to keep the inside bulging of the outer skin away from passengers and technical equipment within a vehicle or container. This avoids lethal consequences for the crew and destruction of technical facilities. 

Zero Shock® protects against:

  • Mine and IED blasts
  • Hot gases and fragments

Functional principle:

Specifically developed acceleration sensors detect the blast (Figure 1) and forward the signal to the electronics. After approx. 0.4 milliseconds so-called Pin Pullers (pyrotechnics) cut the cables connecting the floor platform with the ceiling. Accordingly, the floor drops down with a force of 1 g (Figure 2). 10 to 15 milliseconds later the floor is cushioned by shock absorbers (Figure 3). Shock wave or momentum, respectively, have meanwhile petered out.
Shock decoupling with side blasts will work in a similar way.